Do New York Cops Ever Get Flashed To Get Out Of A Ticket?


NYPD officer

You’ve seen it in the movies. A police officer spots a drop-dead-gorgeous-blond doing 46 in a 45 mph zone. As the cop walks to the car, the camera pans to the driver where she is seen skillfully re-arranging her clothes.

Does it happen in real life? Yes. But not as often as may be thought.

Bits of Flesh

Christopher H., retired after more than thirty years with the NYPD says, “Flash? Like showing glimpses of skin and stuff?”

Chis has seen females ‘re-arrange’ their skirts and blouses as he approached vehicles during routine traffic stops. “I have to figure they were showing more skin as they were typically displaying lots of flesh when I got to the door.”


Bill P., an NYPD cop who retired following 35-years of service, has a little different take. “Most persons are like everyone else and aren’t happy to give up self—respect just to evade a traffic ticket.”

Rob B., currently an NYPD officer has a different view. “Flash me? No. Proposition me. Yes — every so often. I usually say, ‘Let me explain what will happen next,’ and then continue with my usual traffic stop routine.” What if the person wants to persist? “I say something like, ‘Let’s keep this official, please.'”


Tim O., a self-professed geek, serial entrepreneur, father, and husband, said, “Dang. I must be working the wrong beats or I’m uglier than I thought.”

No Faster Way

There isn’t a quicker way to get a ticket than to attempt bribery. Persons who are trying to manipulate a police officer into not giving them a ticket means they did not learn their lesson and may continue to do whatever got them pulled to the side, to begin with.

Despite popular belief as nurtured by television and the movies, traffic tickets are not issued to generate revenue. Citations are issued to modify behavior.

The best way to attempt to get out of a ticket is honesty. It’s not against the law to ask the officer to let you go with a warning.

The solution? Try being truthful — there is always the chance the officer may just issue a warning and let you go on your way.

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